PROMO INFO – The Rockin’ Chairs – 1950’s Rock & Roll, Plus…

What they are: The Rockin’ Chairs is a show band that offers a unique, fun experience to entertain and delight audiences.

What they do: The Rockin’ Chairs perform the greatest rock and roll songs from the 1950’s and combine them with interesting stories about the famous singers, the songs, the bands — and some of the crazy things that went on behind the scenes in the music business. They also tell short jokes, and do magic tricks.

What you get: A very entertaining and totally enjoyable 1 hour show. Musically, you get 2 guitar players, 1 bass player and 1 drummer. They play and sing the most famous songs from rock and roll’s early years, at an easy-to-listen-to volume level. There is no loud, ear-blasting music in their show. Everything is done to entertain and please the audience…not drive them out of the room.

The Rockin’ Chairs would love to work for you.
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