Alan Joseph – Guitar | VocalsAlan Joseph – Guitar | Vocals
Alan Joseph plays guitar and does the vocals for The Rockin’ Chairs. His guitars of choice are a 1958 Fender Stratocaster and a 1965 custom-made Everly Brothers Gibson acoustic. The guitars are pretty old. So is Alan.

He got his start in the late ‘50’s during the first decade of Rock & Roll. Part of his musical journey included playing with The Everly Brothers and he enjoyed a close 50-year friendship with Phil Everly.

Alan was drawn to music because he learned quickly that it was better to do that than to dig ditches and roadways. He’s most comfortable hacking rock and rhythm and blues songs from the 50’s. He thinks he plays decent guitar and can carry a tune.

He’s proud to say that he has never played a song in the key of F sharp, or been bitten by a rabid fox. Like most people, he’s had his share of failures in life.
Alan believes that his two biggest failures are:

  • his inability to slide up a banister
  • his lack of success with putting toothpaste back into the tube.

He has two sons that he adores and three grandchildren who are his pride and joy. He gets his kicks from playing tennis, softball and music. For some reason, he seems deeply concerned with why you don’t find lots of ball point pens in birds’ nests.

As for offering advice to anyone who is considering writing song lyrics, Alan would tell you that it’s hard to rhyme “John” with “All the squirrels you can stuff into a basement.”

Rick Kolow – Bass Guitar – Guitar | VocalsRick Kolow – Bass Guitar
There are a lot of guys in rock and roll bands who ended up “playing the bass”. There are fewer guys who move beyond playing the bass to become legitimate “bass players”. Then, there are an elite, special, few, who have mastered the art of being the consummate, anonymous team player, and a stand-alone shining star at the same time. A character with character.

Rick Kolow was born in the suburbs of Boston Massachusetts, and grew up on a steady diet of British Invasion and American classic rock artists.

His life story is full of ups and downs, travel, risk, and reward. This depth of life experience has always had a soundtrack, a home, a beneficiary……….. The incredible Rockin’ Chairs Band, which he co-founded with long time fellow traveler, Alan Joseph. With picks in hands and quiet confidence, the Kolow and Joseph story will continue.