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The Rockin' Chairs
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Great band. Fabulous songs from the 1950's with music levels that don't blast you out of the room. Lyrics you can understand and remember from your younger days.
Every song in their show was a song we both remembered and loved. So great hearing those wonderful hits from performers like Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and our favorite act -- The Everly Brothers. Find out when and where The Rockin' Chairs are playing, and see them. You'll love the show.

 by Paul D.

If classic rock and roll is what you're after, do yourself a favor. Get yourself a ticket to see The Rockin' Chairs. My wife and I went with 3 other couples and it was just super off-the-wall terrific. Every song was like a golden memory. What a show!!!
They're not a "blast you out of the room with sound" band, they do great songs from the first decade of rock and roll. The roots of where it all began. The greatest songs by the top artists -- and true incredible stories about the singers who did those songs...and WHY they sang them. Fabulous show. I heartily recommend
this group.

 by Janice R.

You want to see a band that puts on a really great show? Go see The Rockin' Chairs.
They don't just play great songs -- they give you a total performance that is amazing. I love rocking to the oldies -- and this is what they do. They not only sing and play the very best songs of the 1950's done by the greatest artists of that first decade of rock and roll, but they tell true and amazing stories about the artists, AND the songs. You want a fun and unique musical experience? Catch The Rockin' Chairs when and where you can. Honestly, you will love them. Mwahh!!!

This was my 4th time seeing The Rockin' Chairs. They are a total crowd-pleaser, both in the songs they do...and in the true, amazing stories they tell about the great singers who sang these songs originally. We also all learned a lot about the songs -- how they came to be, what they meant, and why they were written. Great evening and I totally recommend you see The Rockin' Chairs. You'll love their show.

 by Janet B

Wow! I had heard good things about this band, so I went with 3 friends to have dinner at the Premiere and to see the show. The entire evening was great. The Rockin' Chairs do a tribute to the best rock songs of the 1950's, and they are just terrific.
Three cheers for the Chairs. Excellent show. Great, great band -- and you will
hear fascinating stories about the singers and the songs of the 1950's that are true and absolutely amazing.

 by Carol T.

My husband and I had heard such good things about The Rockin' Chairs, so we wanted to see their show. It really delivered !!! Great band, fabulous selection of songs from the rockin' 1950's...and the audience just loved them. That hour and a half just really flew by. And what a finale they do. Everyone in the place was on their feet and applauding and cheering. Just amazing.

 by Mark

Absolutely stunning and riveting. Songs they sing and the stories The Rockin' Chairs tell about the singers were just terrific. So interesting to hear things about the artists that I had never heard. Great evening entertainment. Definitely catch this show band where and when you can.

 by Sharol G.

Brilliant show, great band and everyone there received a diploma for graduating from the Rockin' Chairs show called Rock & Roll High School. Absolute fun and a delightful evening.

 by Edward T.

Amazing performance. The fun, energy and talent was just fabulous. I remembered every one of those classic rock and roll hits from way back when. What a treat to hear them played so well. Cheers to The Rockin' Chairs.

 by Gene W.

Splendid show. Terrific song selections, high-energy, and great pacing made the evening a complete delight. Rockin' Chairs, add me to your fan base. I enjoyed it all and look forward to seeing you real soon. '50's music really rocks.

 by Diane M.

Blue Suede Shoes. Shake Rattle & Roll. Elvis's early hit Stuck on you. What a great musical trip back to those early years. Thanks Rockin' chairs. It was a real blast and a great time. You really left me (and the entire room) wanting more.

Totally awesome! We were blown away by your show Saturday evening Feb. 27th. Every song was a golden memory. Keep on rocking, Rockin' Chairs. Great Stuff

We had a front row table for your show Saturday night and it was a great, great time. Absolutely loved the songs and you guys play with such energy and enjoyment. It was our first time seeing you -- and we're looking forward to seeing you again as soon as possible.

 by Nancy Thomas

Had the best time at their show. Great entertainers, classic rock 'n roll songs that I still remember. Sang along with them from my seat. And they told really interesting stories about behind-the-scenes stuff that went on back in those days of rock. Wow. Put The Rockin' Chairs on your "must-see" list.

 by Carol D.

I'm no stranger to The Rockin' Chairs shows. Last night, I brought two good friends along and we spent the evening sitting and listening as well as up and dancing to the songs. There's something really fun and happily infectious about those great 1950 classic rock and roll songs. Takes me back to those ponytail and jukebox days.

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