This year let The Rockin’ Chairs provide a customized birthday party of music, fun, stories and magic specifically for seniors who are celebrating with their family and friends. We have created a unique and personally customized Happy Birthday Show to honor the birthday person’s amazing life. The Rockin’ Chairs will take them and their guests back in time to the happy, fun-filled days and memories of their youth with a 1950’s themed birthday party.

Here’s how we get the party started.
We get things going by performing the greatest and most popular songs of the first decade of Rock and Roll. These are the fabulous songs that the birthday person knew as a teen-ager, sang along with, danced to, and still loves and remembers today.  And of course there will be one additional song, done specifically for them – a customized Happy Birthday Song for everyone to join in and sing along.

This customized Happy Birthday Show is much more than just songs.
We have developed a completely unique and original birthday party format that will bring enjoyment, laughter and entertainment to every person who attends this memorable event. It’s a smile and laugh a minute because The Rockin’ Chairs will keep the entertainment going with magic tricks, jokes and fascinating stories about the singers, the songs and the fun-filled times of that marvelous decade. Remember the 1950’s Hula Hoop craze?  We do, and we have them for the birthday hula-hooper’s to try. We have also developed loads of fun trivia questions, specifically about the 1950’s. People who answer these questions correctly will win prizes of our great looking Rockin’ Chairs T Shirts.

Here are some additional great-customized ideas that can be included at the Birthday Party:

  • Ask everyone who is invited to share a memory, photo or story of the guest of honor
  • Choose from our song list of 1950’s hits if there is something special you want us to play
  • Enjoy a sing-along with pre-selected songs of the 50’s
  • Have friends and family come to the microphone to say a few words, or tell a story
  • Dance contest  — Invite guests to do The Twist, The Hully Gully, The Monkey, The Lindy
  • Gentle “Roasting” of the birthday person with funny tributes from family or friends
  • Written memories, photos or memorabilia may be displayed around the room or arranged in a “Happy Birthday Scrapbook” for the guest of honor to enjoy
  • Create a “Remember When” party theme
  • We offer a checklist for family members to fill out so we can mention specific events in the guest of honor’s life – this can certainly include personal triumphs, accomplishments and awards

We truly make birthday parties for seniors, really special. We’re also ready to answer any questions you have, so give us a call today. And we will create the best birthday parties ever for seniors.

Questions or ready to book it?
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