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The Rockin' Chairs
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 by Robert G.

We were the table with 8 wildly enthusiastic people. Loved your show, and this was our third time seeing you. Thanks for taking us back to our early years with memories of those great songs we danced to and sang along with. It was pure, instant wonderful nostalgia. We are looking forward to your next performance.

 by Sharon

Had a marvelous time at your November 2nd show. We just enjoyed your performance so much. Love those wonderful oldies and the great stories. More, more -- please.

 by Jean H.

Loved it. Every song, every story, every minute. You just make the evening fly by.

Can't wait to see and hear your band again. Keep me on your mailing list, PLEASE.

 by Joan S.

Hugs and thanks, Rockin' Chairs. What a wonderful show. I haven't danced so much in years. It was just a great, great evening of music and songs.

We just loved it. Haven't heard those songs for a long, long time -- but honestly guys, I remembered each one of them. I was singing along and having an absolute blast. Thanks for those golden memories. We'll be there at the next show, for sure.

 by Mark

Great, great entertainment. Super show filled with wonderful 1950's songs, fun, laughs and non-stop entertainment.

 by Susan W.

What a show. Rockin' Chairs, thank you for such a terrific evening. You took us all back to those high school days of music. it was magical. Loved it, loved it.

 by Sharol G.

Brilliant show, great band and everyone there received a diploma for graduating from the Rockin' Chairs show called Rock & Roll High School. Absolute fun and a delightful evening.

 by Peter M.

One word says it all - Great! We had a wonderful time listening to those songs we loved as teenagers. Thanks Rockin' Chairs for bringing us back to those good times.

 by Edward T.

Amazing performance. The fun, energy and talent was just fabulous. I remembered every one of those classic rock and roll hits from way back when. What a treat to hear them played so well. Cheers to The Rockin' Chairs.

 by Sharon

What an exciting, wonderful ly entertaining show. The Rockin' Chairs had the audience singing along with so many of those great 1950's rock songs. Great show and we hope you'll be back soon.

 by Carol T.

Love it. Every minute, every song, every awesome story. Thanks Rockin' Chairs for giving us such a fabulous show. Wish you had a CD of your music. Make one, please.

We had a front row table for your show Saturday night and it was a great, great time. Absolutely loved the songs and you guys play with such energy and enjoyment. It was our first time seeing you -- and we're looking forward to seeing you again as soon as possible.

Totally awesome! We were blown away by your show Saturday evening Dec. 29th. Every song was a golden memory. Keep on rocking, Rockin' Chairs. Great Stuff

Joan & I want to thank you, Rick, and the rest of your group for the wonderful performance you put on for the benefit of our 50th wedding Anniversary on 10/28/2018 at the Woburn Country Club. You received rave reviews from our family members and friends! You provided terrific entertainment as your group brought our guests back to their youth, while educating some of our younger attendees what real music really sounds like. Thank you for assisting us celebrate, and please thank your fellow band members for their participation in our celebration. Phil & Joan

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