What is or what are The Rockin’ Chairs?

By way of introduction, The Rockin’ Chairs is and are a show band that truly offers a unique and delightful fun experience to audiences.

To describe what they are, it’s important to tell you what they are not. They are not a young, hard-rockin’, heavy metal, head banging, grunge, cutting edge, screamingly loud bunch of musicians.

The Rockin’ Chairs are mature guys…(mature is a nice way of saying that they are Grandpas) who got together in 2017 to create a thoroughly entertaining show that included playing and singing the best rock & roll hits of the 1950’s and combining these songs with humor, some magic tricks and interesting stories about the music business, the famous singers and bands.

The Rockin’ Chairs did not want to be “just another band.” They had a vision for developing a show that would be a unique, enjoyable and memorable experience for audiences. And so, it began in a basement in Needham. A bass was unzipped from its gig bag, and a guitar was constantly being put in tune. Once everything was set up and ready, they looked at each other and said “Okay, now what?”

Unsure what to do next, they decided the best idea was to go to lunch. Then, after pie and ice cream, it started to happen. It’s very important to note that good things always happen right after pie and ice cream.

Suggestions about which were the greatest rock and roll songs of the 1950’s began flying back and forth. Songs were suggested, inspected, and rejected. Ultimately, only the best were accepted.

The Rockin’ Chairs were not on a mission to save or change the world. Their mission was to put together an hour-long show of wonderful, happy entertainment and to deliver it with enthusiasm and energy. They’re proud to say: “Mission Accomplished.”

Catch The Rockin’ Chairs show when they play in your area.
Oh, and here’s a good tip: They’re pretty easy to catch because they can’t run very fast.

And when you see them, please be kind. Remember, they are all Grandpas.